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Clinical Trials Daytona Beach

We are currently conducting a number of active clinical studies on a variety of conditions at our facility. Participating in one of our studies could give you access to new treatments before they are widely available.

Active Studies

Neurology Studies

Researching treatments to make lasting memories.

Pain Management Studies

Researching effective pain management treatments.

General Medicine Studies

Researching treatments for a wide range of health conditions.

Cardiology Studies

Researching new cardiovascular treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

A clinical trial is a method of studying new medical treatments and technologies to determine how safe and effective the treatments and technologies are.

Duration of a clinical trial will be from several weeks to a few years depending on the stage and complexity of the research.

If you are interested in studies at all, please contact our team members at or (386) 278-8000.

You can also find our team members at community events around the Greater Daytona Beach area.

A prescreen is an opportunity for people interested in participating in research to see if they meet the criteria to join any of our current research studies.

The prescreen visit often involves talking about your medical history and medications with a doctor or other research staff. You might also go through a basic medical screening or other activities like memory testing. It is also a great time to meet the Arrow team and ask us any questions.

No. We also do not collect any insurance information.

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We are always happy to chat with you if you have more questions. If you prefer to reach out to us:

Phone: (386) 278-8000